Microsoft economist: Risk from ‘bad actors’ using AI outweighs potential job losses - Credit: The Hill

Microsoft economist: Risk from ‘bad actors’ using AI outweighs potential job losses

As technology advances, so too does the risk of malicious actors using artificial intelligence (AI) for nefarious purposes. This is according to a Microsoft economist who recently spoke on the potential risks posed by AI and how they outweigh any job losses that may result from its use.

Speaking at an event in London, Microsoft’s Chief Economist Erik Brynjolfsson said that while there are concerns about automation leading to job losses, the bigger worry should be about bad actors using AI for their own gain. He argued that this could lead to “unintended consequences” such as data breaches or manipulation of markets.

Brynjolfsson went on to say that governments need to take steps now in order to ensure these risks are minimized and regulated properly. He suggested introducing regulations around data privacy and security as well as creating ethical guidelines for companies developing AI technologies. Additionally, he called for more research into understanding how AI works and what it can do in order to better prepare society for its use going forward.

The economist also noted that while some jobs will inevitably be lost due to automation, new opportunities will arise from it as well – particularly those related to managing and regulating AI systems themselves. He believes this could create a whole new industry with many different roles available within it – something which would help offset any job losses caused by automation itself.

Overall, Brynjolfsson concluded his remarks by saying that although there are legitimate concerns over potential job losses resulting from increased automation, the greater risk lies with bad actors taking advantage of AI technologies without proper regulation or oversight in place first. As such, governments must act now if they want to ensure these risks are minimized before they become unmanageable later down the line.

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